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    Wearing the BOOGIE-BOMB, is like floating on a fluffy cloud - an abundance of joy! Actually a phenomenon called the 'broken-cloud effect' can occur, which causes higher UV levels - higher than a completely clear sky would allow So when it come to fluffy cloud, do wear your eyewear darling, and have fun while doing it!

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    I often fly to Mars and back, but only in my BUTTER-BOMB Ohhh yes, flying and sunglasses is hand in glove, kite in wind, surf and wave... I could continue with similar idioms, but honestly never fly without the proper eyewear!

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    It's my party, and I cry if I wan't to, cry if I want to would cry to, if it wasn't for your MEGA-BOMB Ahhh don't we just love the 60's... Well actually no, not really, lockfully your eyewear does not make you look like Yoko One. On the contrary as Bond would say (yes Sean Connery), you look sweet in Bomber Eyewear!

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    Here comes the sun... was written by George Harrison at Eric Claptons country house It was reflections of the arrival of spring Wonder if he was wearing sunglasses?

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    The sun was rising, the weather was perfect, the dress code was HUB-BOMB She tried his sunglasses on the last week of their vacation, things got clearer, contrast stronger, just beautiful... She realized his vacation had been so much better.

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    I once looked into the sun for so long, I could not see for the rest of the day Now I'm wearing a pair of MANA-BOMB ...but seriously even with sunglasses, don't do it

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    Do you beleive in fairies, goblins and hobbits? Honestly I really don't care, but put on your shades, look cool while protecting your eyes And please look out for tedious leprechauns

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