Bomber Eyewear uses injection moulded polycarbonate lenses for superior impact resistance, reduced weight, and performance in a wide range of temperatures. Our lenses offer full UV-400 protection and insure a clear view under all conditions.

All Bomber Eyewear lenses feature decentered optics to provide distortion-free vision which reduces eye fatigu.

Additionally, all of our lenses are Polarized! The sun’s rays reflect light in every direction, so when a ray hits a flat surface, the reflected light shines back at your eye and is magnified, causing glare. Glare is a real buzzkill. It reduces your depth perception, distorts your view and color perception, and can even temporarily blind you. The chemical filter on the lenses of our polarized sunglasses is designed to absorb horizontal light waves, while still allowing vertical waves to pass through. Because light only travels in one direction through polarized lenses, glare and reflections from various objects, such as pavement, water, snow and glass are significantly eliminated. They ensure a clear view with excellent distance perception.


Photochromic lenses have millions of molecules of substances such as silver chloride or silver halide embedded in them. When exposed to UV rays, as in direct sunlight, the molecules undergo a chemical process that causes them to change shape. The new molecular structure absorbs portions of the visible light, causing the lenses to darken. The number of molecules that change shape varies with the intensity of the UV rays.

When you go indoors and out of the UV light, a different chemical reaction takes place. The absence of the UV radiation causes the molecules to "snap back" to their original shape, resulting in the loss of their light absorbing properties. In both directions, the entire process happens very rapidly

An important note about photochromic lenses: because they react to UV light and not to visible light, there are circumstances under which the darkening will not occur. A perfect example of this is in your car. Because the windshield blocks out most UV light, photochromic lenses will not darken.




  • Multi-Layer Composite, complies with the international sunglasses lenses standard and UV400 UV sunglasses lenses standard.
  • The inner layer is a polarizing film; providing more than 99% of the polarizing effect of absorbing glare.
  • The Hard Coating outer layers bond and protect lens from the harsh environment.
  • The second inner layer is the UV 400 layer; absorbing 99% of UV-ultraviolet rays.



EVA Lining: Due to our patent protection, Bomber is the ONLY manufacturer who adds high-quality, non-toxic EVA foam to its eyewear.

All Bomber glasses with this foam are fully guaranteed to:

Float: No other floating eyewear provides the same superior buoyancy of EVA foam period.

Grip: Non-slip EVA converts your glasses into strapless goggles. The foam grips and never slips.

Prevent Dry Eye: Just enough foam at the hinges keeps the vortex of dust and dry air from forming near your eyes.

JustFeel Good: The smoothness, even temperature and overall comfort of EVA foam lets you wear your glasses longer at a time.




Polycarbonate Defense: Bomber's OSHA approved safety lenses offer the extreme impact resistance of polycarbonate, an element of bullet-proof glass.

They all meet ANSI Z87+ standards so that you can rely upon the superior shielding performance of our tough, durable safety eyewear.

Ultraviolet Shielding: Radiation from the sun has been shown to accelerate the aging of our skin. It can be refelected off water and ice, which increases exposure. Long term exposure to increased levels of UVA and UVB may damage the eyes.

All Bomber eyewear prevent 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays from reaching your eyes, exceeding ANSI 280.3 UV requirements and setting new standards for protection


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