Wearing the BOOGIE-BOMB, is like floating on a fluffy cloud – an abundance of joy!

Actually a phenomenon called the ‘broken-cloud effect’ can occur, which causes higher UV levels – higher than a completely clear sky would allow

So when it come to fluffy cloud, do wear your eyewear darling, and have fun while doing it!


Weight 24 gram
Frame width 135 mm
Frame Height 45 mm
Arm length 130 mm
Nose bridge 12 mm
Lens height 40 mm
Lens width 56 mm


Jeremy Teulade
Jeremy Teulade
Ludovic Teulade
Jeremy Ludovic Teulade
Carsten Kurmis
Carsten Kurmis

All Bomber glasses with this foam are fully guaranteed to:

Float: No other floating eyewear provides the same superior buoyancy of EVA foam period.

Grip: Non-slip EVA converts your glasses into strapless goggles. The foam grips and never slips.

Prevent Dry Eye: Just enough foam at the hinges keeps the vortex of dust and dry air from forming near your eyes.

Just Feel Good: The smoothness, even temperature and overall comfort of EVA foam lets you wear your glasses longer at a time.