Lior Sofer

Professional Wakeboarder

Birthplace: Isreal
Birthday: 09-12-1985

Current habitant: Rishon Lezion, Israel
Other sponsors: DUP wakeboards, Mystic clothing, Rixen cableways, All is possible, AirDog, Ayelet federation, Vivida, 4Boarder, WaxThat

Why do you do your sport?

I started wakeboarding when i was 18 and i got hooked up as soon as I tried it and I knew this was what i wanted to do and to try to do it for as long as possible.
Me and the other guys allways thought of how cool it could be if we can continue wakeboarding and make a living of it.
I’m really thankfull and appriciate I can still do what I love and fulfill my dream.

What is your biggest achievement in your sport?

Biggest: I think that my biggest acheivment is that I can still ride the high level of riding.
Best: At my first win in europen championship, my team mates didn’t stop singing, dancing and jumping when the prizes where given to the winners. It made the other national teams join them in the singing and dancing this moment where so many people are happy and join the celebration was unbeliveable and unexpected for me.

What are your ambitions?

I always wanted to make the sport look good and to keep doing it, I had to push myself and to go out of my comfort zone.

What is the best advice you were ever given?

Last trip to asia i met a new upcomer ripper and he asked me how to land a trick that he work on for few months i just told him that he can do it and he went stright away to the water and he lands it ! it was priceless moment to see his happiness. So my best advice is, if you beleive you can do it, you can do it. Just go out there end get it 🙂

Share a store from your sport…

In one of the events me and my friends went back from the lake to the hotel. It was really dark and we walked through the rice fields, one of my friends disapered without us noticing it, then he hid somehwere in front of us. We could not see him, and not until we were very very close to did he jump screaming up and scaring the hell out of us, it a was great, funny and scary moment I will not forget.

Lior wears…

Why do you dig bomber?

To be honest my old shades drown when I was on the boat and bomber are floating and look good too I think its a win win