Lyell Grundberg

Professional Slackliner

Birthplace: Oxford, UK
Birthday: 09-11-1997

Current habitant: Vevey, Switzerland
Other sponsors: Slacktivity, AxisEarth

Why do you do your sport?

Slacklining means liberty for me. There is just so much to do and learn in this sport. Wether you want to jump around and do tricks or get huge adrenaline rushes and facing your fears doing highline.
There is so much more to innovate in this sport and I’m super excited “slacklife” for the years to come. I am so happy to be part of Slacklining and pushing the sport.

What is your biggest achievement in your sport?

Walking big and scary highlines definitely is, I think, a big achievement every single time. But my biggest achievements are, more exactly :
1. the first time I ever did a backflip on a slackline
2. 200m high / 50m long highline in Switzerland I first walked in 2016
3. A RedBull slackline transfer video I did in the 2016 summer ( 3 million views )

What are your ambitions?

My dreams in Slacklining is to become a all-around really strong slackliner. Having a pro-level in both tricklining and highlining is definitely something that nobody has achieved yet.
I want to be the first to manage both.

Beside that dream, amazing videos are for me my favorite way of communicating, processing and inspiring our sport. I want to continue to bring slacklining to crazy cool locations and set up my slackline over there.

What is the best advice you were ever given?

Be patient. People always want everything very fast.
I learned during my slackline years that patience is the key of everything. Of course train hard. Train as hell even. But don’t expect things to happen in a week, month or even a year sometimes. Always be honest and true to your self and if you really deserve something, it will come to you.

Share a store from your sport…
The first time I tried to land a double backflip on a waterline, the slackline hit me so hard, I was in the water holding the eyes closed and I was absolutely sure that the slackline had literally cut, ripped off my arm.
I finally opened my eyes to see that my arm was still there, but then I was absolutely sure that my arm was broken. My friends pulled me in panic.
Finally after 10 minutes, I had regained all sensations in my arm and had no injury at all. The slackline had just hit my ulnar nerve (funny bone) extremely hard. Harder than anything I had experienced before. Slacklining fuc**** hurts !

Lyell wears…

Why do you dig bomber?
I hooked up with Bomber Eyewear really fast. The connection was perfect and the feeling between us worked instantly. I like the support they bring to their athletes and especially the fact that they are willing to open to new sports and expand their horizons.
Of course the shades are great. They have a super cool sport & fashion look on top of high quality glass I really appreciate as a outdoor life athlete & videographer, and, and… they float ! 🙂