Ruben Offenga

Professional Wakeboarder

Birthplace: Nijverdal, Netherlands
Birthday: 05-08-1996

Other sponsors: Tigé Boats, O’Brian Watersports, Prolimits

Why do you do your sport?

Because wakeboarding is the best sport ever! There’s nothing that I like more than wakeboarding.
It makes me feel free and it lets me forget everything around me.

What is your biggest achievement in your sport?

That moment when I won the European Tigé Thropy Tour in the category Junior Man 2013.

What are your ambitions?

My ambition is to give a wakeboardcourses together with Ricky Lukassen. We are preparing to give a course in the first week of September for the little kids because we would like to inspire them in their sport. It would happen at my own wakeboard school named RUBO Watersports in Terwolde, The Netherlands. So stay tuned on my Facebook page!

Share a store from your sport…

If you are interesting in my stories, you need to follow me on Instagram or/and Facebook. Everything that I’ll do would be posted on these pages! You have to check it buddy!

What is the best advice you were ever given?

You have to do what you like and you have to go for it. But for real.

Ruben wears…

Why do you dig bomber?

Because Bomber are really good looking sunglasses, but not only that… I like the thing you can’t lose the sunglasses in the water because it is a floating eyewear. Perfect for wakeboarders and other watersporters!